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Baan Siri  Thai Massage

Thai Massage  Wigan

Sports Massage

Sports massage therapy based near Wigan helps to relieve muscle pain and tension, improve your range of movement, and aid in recovery from injury. 

A good sports massage will:
* Relieve muscle pain and tension
* Improve connective tissue healing,
   improving muscle flexibility, which
   reduces and prevents injury
* Reduce recovery time after an injury and help rehabilitate an    injury
* Improve circulation and lymphatic   flow

Thai Oil Massage

Relaxing thai oil massage based near Wigan, made with aroma oils. It connects techniques of acupressure and ayurvedic philosophy of massage. Thai oil massage removes toxins, boost skin pert and brings deep relaxation.

Among many profits, the most important are:
* Deep relaxation
* Helps with depression
* Improves lymphatic and circulatory 
* Removes toxins from body

Body Massage

Full body massage based near Wigan, includes acupressure therapy that blends deep tissue massage, gentle stretches and stimulation of acupressure points to instil a perfect balance of refreshment and relaxation. Additional benefits include improved blood circulation, reduced stress levels and improved sleep. 
Physical Benefits of Thai Oil Massage;
* A boosted immune system
* Detoxification
* Better circulation and lower blood pressure
* Increased mobility and muscle flexibility
* Improved posture and balance
* Relief for arthritis and back painMental 
* Improved concentration
* Higher levels of inner energy and stamina


30   minutes Massage             £25.00
60   minutes Massage             £35.00
90   minutes Massage             £55.00
120 minutes Massage             £65.00

Baan Siri Thai Massage

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Tel: 07305905780

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Thai Massage near Wigan in clean modern rooms.